Blog theme frenzy on WordPress

Do you have a Word Press blog that is hosted on your host? Are you tired of the way it looks? There is no need to fret. After all, there are blog themes free for the taking. What are themes? These are the things you have to customize the way you blog looks. It is […]

Themes on your blog and making sure they work

Using themes and templates on your blog could be fun. You get to experiment on what your blog will say about you in terms of its style and colors. There are many themes and templates to choose from. There are other things to consider though. One of them is that they work. Here are some […]

Welcome To Blog Tutorials!

Everyone is talking about them… how do you get in on the act? This will be a “no frills” blog, giving you all the info that you will need to create your own blog and make it a successful one. And for those who already know the basics, we’ll be helping you take it to […]

3 Surprising Things to Know About Aesthetic Appeal: What Makes Your Blog Appealing to Visitors?

Have you ever noticed the difference between one grocery store and another? You may prefer one store because the lighting is indirect, the aisles are wider, perhaps even the items are arranged in a manner that makes more sense to you. Understandably, you are probably going to choose one grocery store over another, due in […]

Change your blog’s color scheme

Example of funky colors. Colors could definitely enhance one’s blog You can never get too creative when it comes to your blog. There are so many ways you could tweak it. If you like experimenting with colors, go ahead and try these sites. You could find so many color schemes that could suit your taste […]

How Is Your Blog Template?

When you first set your blog up, how much thought did you put on your blog template? If it was your first time blogging, you might have spent some time trying to decide on which template to use. You probably started with a free blogging template and realized early on that the template choices were […]