Health and Safety In the Blogging World

Most people aren’t going to associate blogging with risks to your health and safety. However, every job has ways to damage your body or mind if you aren’t careful and aware, so it’s crucial to take a step back and think about safety in every career, even ones that seem like they’d be completely healthy, […]

How to Encourage Readers to Follow Your Blog

A blog doesn’t get to have a solid readership base without any real effort from the blogger.  Encouraging people you don’t personally know to follow your blog requires some basic work and preparation.  Once they are in place, increasing viewership is attained more quickly. The first requirement is almost like a mantra for every blogger.  […]

Benefits of Guest Posts

In my last post Beating the Blog Rut I neglected to mention another way of making sure that you still have entries even when you are having a writer’s block – having guest bloggers. Asking friends and colleagues to write one or two posts on your blog is actually very advantageous and will benefit you […]

Make The Most Out Of Your Reading Time

More than writing actual posts for your blog, I bet that you spend a considerable amount of time reading other blogs. This is in fact one good way to get ideas for your posts. Though of course I am not advocating stealing copy, you can always get inspiration and learn lessons from reading other blogs. […]

Blogging is In with the Young

eMarketer Digital Intelligence reported yesterday that, according to BlogHer and iVillage, the generation of Millennials (18-25 yrs) are the most active in the blogosphere. Active defined as both writing and reading blogs with a total of 40.4% of the bloggers belonging to the age group and 30.3% of the readers belonging in the same group. […]

Finding Your Niche II

Last time I said that when finding your niche you should choose one that you are already knowledgeable at and that isn’t that competitive in terms of number of bloggers already writing about that field. Today I will be giving a few more tips on finding your niche. 1. Find out what people want – […]