Embedding Youtube The Easy Way

Just like that, your video will be embedded without the hassles of Wordpress altering the code the next time you edit it. If you’re fine with hard coding Youtube videos into your blogs the hard[er] way, be my guest. But if you’re one of those who would rather take the easy route in things like embedding videos, this plugin is exactly the one you need.

Maximizing Stock Photography

Stock photography is the general term for photographs that are readily found in repositories whether in the real world or over the internet … there are literally millions of stock photos in the internet and there are a lot of sites that give them out for free. Those sites who charge for their service often compensate photographers and artists for use of their images.

To Snap Or Not To Snap

Several months ago, someone figured that making small preview windows of outgoing links on your blog was a good idea. At face value, there seems to be some credence to the concept. With such an application, one can easily see what you’re about to visit! That’s a good thing, right? It’s no different from testing […]

Perception Manipulation: More On Statistics

Numbers are very powerful little buggers. Make them eye-popping enough and you can make people swing one way. We see this phenomenon happen a lot in pre-election surveys, TV show ratings and other studies that supposedly reflect the preference of individuals regarding different issues. In blogging, it’s also possible to harness the oh-so-human reaction to […]

Quantcast: Pushing Analytics Further Or Too Far?

Aside from Performancing’s Pmetrics, one interesting new tool that could help bloggers and web developers in understanding their audience is Quantcast. Quantcast is basically a site that provides the service of snooping into your demographic at a level that has never been even been explored in mainstream blogging. Aside from knowing what browsers your readers […]

The Value Of Stat Tracking

After over a month’s worth of SEO-goodness brought to you by the able writers of Blog Tutorials, you’ve probably enjoyed a considerable benefit of increased hits, incoming links and blog revenue from sponsored advertisements. Since it’s always better to give a current endeavor your best shot instead of being half-hearted with things, it will be […]