Social Media Shouts to Promote your Blog

It has been established over and over again that the social media is a very useful tool for promoting websites on the internet. One way people like to promote things is by using shouts (called that in Digg called some other thing in other social media sites but you get the idea). The problem though is that spammers seem to find their way to everything they can exploit so that shouts have become littered with spam shouts so that people tend to ignore shouts. The good thing though is that many social media sites have caught up with these spammers and have taken steps to reduce the spam by employing different strategies such as limiting the number of shouts to all friends/contacts from zero to several times. This means that in cases where it is not allowed at all spammers need to shout to friends one at a time, which only those with time to burn and not enough creativity will resort to. So if you cannot spam these sites with shouts promoting your blog how could you best promote your blog through shouts?

Here are some tips garnered from all over the web:

1. Shout back at shouters – Shouters want attention (just like us!) and by giving them some they will respond favourably and hopefully you will get to build your online relationship. This will result in greater trust on your contacts’ part and thus will make it easier to convince them to visit your blog, hopefully regularly.
2. Don’t shout too much – Just like in real life anyone who shouts to much and repeats themselves over and over can get really irritating. Shout once a day or even every other day to a friend is good enough.
3. Shout something – Don’t shout out just anything. If you want to shout at least shout something that means something to your friend. This means greeting someone a happy birthday, sharing an article that you know would be of interest, and replying to their shouts.

Originally posted on February 18, 2008 @ 11:44 pm