The Downside of Multiply

While I was raving about Multiply in the last post, I would like to point out a couple of its flaws now.

Do click the “More” button for, well, more. :p

My Internet Marketing friends told me that Multiply was just not good enough if one wants to monetize, because there are no adsense or HTML channels, for monetization. Another concern was that the site fares poorly in search engine results, so the SEOs won’t be able to really optimize their Multiply sites, no matter how much they want to, for now.

Multiply’s CSS customization is also very limited. While I am not a coder, and I learned what I needed to learn with HTML and CSS through Multiply’s customization feature, I could empathize with the coders’ lament that it’s hard to customize Multiply. There are times that the themes I filch from Multiply’s Customized Themes group have funny un-clickable links, or there are times when fonts are out of proportion. It is because of this that Multiply isn’t such a favorite among SEO experts.

BUT, there is an up-side to Multiply, for the online seller/marketer!

Because your posts “echo” across other people’s inboxes, if you are selling some items, your sales can be read about by someone you don’t even know, simply because they’ve link-hopped from contact to contact to contact. OR, it shows up in their inbox, because he or she is an online buddy of a business contact.

Either way, there is a reason why Multiply is currently the pet of the Web 2.0 marketers, and it rests on the brand itself: when they Multiply the number of people who can see their wares, surely, they can Multiply their earnings, too. As it is, when it comes to human community-driven sites like these, those who are on Multiply as a way to connect will find a way to shut out the purely capitalistic marketers. The key to being on Multiply is what is true for the rest of existence: Keep it real!

Originally posted on March 19, 2008 @ 10:22 pm