Best Practices for the Blogger from BlogGurl’s Follies

There are attitudes that a blogger must adapt to have a successful blogging career, and I have to tell you that I had learned most of these, by doing the exact opposite of what I advise here, now. I usually learn by making the biggest, most fatal mistakes first, then realizing my follies later. So […]

Gadgets A Blogger Needz Part 1

If carpenters have hammers, doctors have stethoscopes, what is the blogger’s trusty tool (aside from the computer)? BlogGurl’s answer: A digital camera. Originally posted on March 26, 2008 @ 10:32 pm

A Blogger’s Life is Enriched by Real Life

The “real world” is such a great inspiration for the blogger. When the sun rises on me, I marvel at its beauty, and I would like nothing more than to be able to share it with someone. When something happens to me on my way to a mall, I would like to talk about it. […]

A Blogger’s Responsibility

One of the greatest things that the Internet has brought to writers is that they had been given the freedom to express themselves, sans the strictures and the censorship that editors can bring them. But there are downsides to this freedom, too. Because anyone can very well say anything to the general public, and a […]

Gadgets A Blogger Needz Part 2

When it comes to tools and gadgets needed to keep a blogger happily typing away, one needs to look no further than the trusty all-in-one cellphone. Sometimes, we think that we may need all these tools: the Flip Video camera for vlogging, or a decent digicam like the Sony DSC series cams. But little do […]

The Wonders of Multiply

I have made quite a few discoveries since my last appearance on the blogosphere, and one of them is the beauty of blogging on To the uninitiated, is a social networking blog community that offers much more than an avenue for bloggers to converge and converse, while also offering file hosting services, all […]