Start blogging: Overcome your shyness!

Feeling shy? Don’t be! Even if you are not confident with your writing skills, you can start blogging. I have friends who tell me that they know other people who began blogging with almost no knowledge of it, of html and css. Now their acquaintances are blogging comfortably. So what does that mean? You can […]

To use widgets or to not use them

WordPress users have the option to use widgets. These are nice to use because from the Admin panel, you could play around with the sidebar’s components. Your WordPress blog is a really interesting thing to play with. You have so many options. There are themes that you could choose from online and you could tweak […]

On Comments: To moderate or to not moderate?

a glimpse into how comments are moderated When you have a blog and you have the comments function on, or open for that matter, it cannot be helped that sometimes you get spam or insulting comments from different visitors, most of them you probably don’t even know. Some might even be personal insults or a […]

The Growing Blogsphere. Expression in Opression

In oppressive countries, such as Iran (which shut down almost all independent newspapers in 2000), blogs have provided a way for journalists and others to express themselves and share the latest news and happenings. But speaking up in such places often has serious consequences, such as one blogger in Iraq who was jailed by authorities […]

Blogging responsibly (part 1)

When you blog, it is inevitable that you end up writing about too many things. That is why some say a person has ‘over-blogged’ when that happens. Too much information is another phrase. This sometimes happens when a person is ranting. Or sharing his/her reflections. No wonder some people get fired for blogging. In offices, […]

Blogging responsibly (part 2)

Other considerations when it comes to blogging responsibly: Check the information. You might have gotten some information from other people and they passed it off as facts. If it is something that would shake the blogosphere, make sure that it is based on facts. It is better to do that than to be known as […]