Blogging: Personal Satisfaction or Monetary Gain

Blogging for personal satisfaction or blogging for monetary gain.
There are two sides to blogging, and that is blogging for personal gain – as a hobby, or just having fun – and the other is blogging for money.

We all know the joys of blogging and as well getting paid for it, but sometimes blogging or writing articles sometimes maybe a bit hard when you’re not into that subject, or the topic is not in your personal interest. I know, I experience these quite often especially when I’m being asked to blog about a topic I absolutely have no interest in.

Blogging for money can sometimes take its toll, being asked to blog about a subject or topic you aren’t familiar with. As with that experience you get stressed as your deadline grows near, you start to lose focus, and just stare idly at the monitor at worst case it leads to having a “writer’s block”, I usually experience the emotions and when I experience a writer’s block I feel it’s the “Great Wall of China” of writer’s block.

In blogging for money, you create posts that are “okay”, but when you blog passionately about a subject you produce a great post. Not to mention the satisfaction you get from writing something you are absolutely passionate about.

It’s good that you choose to blog about what you like. That means you are in control in choosing topics you want to talk about. And you’ll have no problems if you find the topic you chose is difficult: you can always change it. However, when blogging for money, you are assigned to write about certain topics, and you cannot choose. Mostly you can easily do the tasks and get on with it, but there will be times you have to wrack your brains for something to write about.

Originally posted on October 26, 2007 @ 4:33 pm