Own Domain = Serious Blogger?

As I was going about my daily business of browsing blogs, I realized that a lot of bloggers are actually proponents of the “get you own domain” movement. Though the tag may not be existent, the movement may very well be real. I have come across a lot of posts encouraging people to get serious […]

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration? (Part 3)

So far we’ve talked about blogs, magazines, movies, and people around you as sources of inspiration and ideas for your writing. What else can there be? At the risk huh? What I normally do is search for quotes using Google. I use keywords such as the person or the topic. Sometimes, if I have a […]

Do You Have A Propensity For Prodigious Words?

Do I have a what for what words??? As you can obviously see, that title could have used some work. Any blogger with decent experience would tell you to keep your titles snappy and catchy but I decided to use those words up there to make a point – steer clear of BIG words. Sure, […]

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

There is no doubt about it – writing can be hard work. Of course, there are times when the words and ideas just flow fluidly from your brain to your word processor but I cannot count the times when I just got stuck. For one reason or another, I simply couldn’t squeeze enough creativity out […]

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration? (Part 2)

Blogs and magazines – they’re really full of ideas that can get you going with respect to your own writing. Are there other things that can give you that boost of inspiration when you need it the most? Well, of course! Read on to find out more about where I get my inspiration – who […]

Write More Effectively (Part 3)

To recap the previous entry in this series, you have to do the following in order to become a more effective writer: -always keep in mind your target audience -tighten your focus on content. In this installment, let’s take a deeper look at the content of your work. More than the message that you are […]