Is Profanity Acceptable in Blogs?

Personal blogs are supposed to be the extension of the writer. They are expressions of one’s thoughts, for the rest of the world to see. What one thinks is thus to be read by others. If a blogger thinks using certain words, then it is but logical for these words to be seen “on paper,” […]

Why Do People Read Blogs?

In one other post, I mentioned a survey highlighting the trust that people place in blogs. With the amount of information available today, why do blogs take precedence over all the others sources out there? I believe that one reason is the inherent nature of blogs which focus on “real” people’s opinions. The premise here […]

Check Your Blog Writing Style (Part 4)

Bloggers are not journalists – that’s what was being said about us denizens of the blogosphere in many newspapers around the world only a few months ago. Do you remember the news about how people trust information that they find in blogs more as opposed to the mainstream news sites? This, of course, was music […]

Check Your Blog Writing Style (Part 3)

Have you ever read a blog wherein the posts were all blocks of text that made your head hurt? It is true that content is the most important thing when it comes to writing blog posts yet we must also take into consideration the presentation. Readability matters a lot, as many readers would tell you. […]

Check Your Blog Writing Style (Part 2)

So you’ve written a good headline – it catches the readers’ attention and gives sufficient details about the content. Now what? You have to focus on the body of the post. Everyone knows that a good blog depends on its content. We’ve all heard of the advice to merely write well and put “meat” in […]

Check Your Blog Writing Style

Anyone can write a blog, that’s for sure. There are practically no restrictions when it comes to your own blog. Yet think about it, why are you writing a blog in the first place? Isn’t it because you want to have other people read what is in it? I may be simplifying things but I […]