Writing With Passion

How passionate are you about writing for your blogs? Do you wait with anticipation for the time when you have to write your next post? Do you smile like an idiot when you are doing something else and you think of something to write in your blog?

Or do you merely go about it like every other mundane task in your life? Does it take you forever to find that breath of inspiration?

One thing that I can tell you is this – you have to be passionate about your writing in order to elicit that same feeling from your readers. Imagine this: if you feel like your blog writing is merely a chore that has to be done, the chances are that your readers will be able to feel that tone in your writing.

On the other hand, if you have this certain element of excitement, of passion, for your writing, then your readers wouldn’t be able to help but feel that emotion as well.

In Jaren’s post about blogging for personal satisfaction or monetary gain, he made a point that you have to blog about something that you like. Otherwise, you come up with a post that is merely “okay.” I totally agree with this point. However, I believe that you can still come up with great posts even if you are not that “into” a topic.

Maybe I am being overly romantic about this but I believe that no matter what topic you are assigned to write, the writer in you should take it as a challenge. If you do not know much about a topic, you do research. For me, that process is as passion-inciting as writing about something that you already know about. The passion is in the writing process, too, not merely in writing about something you already like.

What do you think – overly idealistic?

Originally posted on November 2, 2007 @ 2:46 am