Using Keywords Efficiently in your Blog

Going In Circles While Blogging

All authors and bloggers should take note; repetition is different from keyword use for search engine optimization (SEO). This has been a notable strategy for most blog entries and posts, seeing particular words more than once going to the extent of making the entire blog entry useless and senseless. While some of the probloggers know how to differentiate this from bloggers who want to gain something out of their entry, the next time you see a post that uses a particular word repeatedly in a site, may as well consider if it is worth reading.

Repeating such words does not always mean that these blog entries do not make sense. Some have the talent to artistically turn such needed repetitions into useful entries. Hence, most people can only judge a site of its proficiency after having read most of the parts before finally concluding that everything contained in the site does not really pertain anything of the supposed subject matter at hand.

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Originally posted on January 4, 2007 @ 9:49 am