Hello world!

Hello everyone! I’m Ia, another Blog Tutor signing on. While I’ve already head of blogging back when Blogger had URLs ending in .pyra, web design was a cinch with table layouts, and I would never have thought of paying for my own domain name and space, it would take several bouts of hesitation before I proceeded to work on my own site.

But I’ve always been working on other people’s websites (as work and hobby), and I’ve always been interested in the workings of the Web—from design to weird Web 2.0 names—and the easiest way I keep up with all of them is through blogging. I might as well write about what I’ve seen, heard, and done.

So, I hope you have a fine time here at the newly-improved Blog-Tutorials.com. And before I go, I thought I’d include a blogging meme so you’d get to know me a little bit better. Cheers!

First year of blogging:
2001 (the term “blog” was still rare back then)

First blog URL:
e*******.scribble.nu (journal)

First blog software:

Blog software used:
Scribble.nu, GreyMatter, Blogger, WordPress.org, WordPress.com, Vox, Drupal, LiveJournal (do Twitter and Jaiku count as blogging?)

Current blog URL:
Stellify (personal site); Qwerky (class project turned hobby)

Blog software I love:

Blog software I hate:

Blog software I want to try:
Habari, TextPattern, Tumblr

Spam caught so far:
5,689 on Stellify, 7,064 on Qwerky

Originally posted on May 9, 2007 @ 2:22 pm