WordPress Plug-ins

If you blog using WordPress and can’t do something that you want done like adding Sphere-related content at the end of your blog posts you might be surprised to find out that there are already plug-ins available that make it happen. To find good WordPress plug-ins all you need to do is search for “wordpress […]

Blog Usability: Feeds

I have written about the importance of RSS and/or Atom feeds to blogs. By providing feeds you will not really be increasing the on-site usability of your blog but its overall usability. Regular blog visitors often prefer checking the contents of their favorite blogs using feed aggregators (i.e. Google Reader). The reason for this is […]

Blogrolls and SEO

When it comes to updating the blogroll, whether to add new blogs or delete old ones, many bloggers actually never come around to doing it often enough. The reason for this is simple, if you have lots of blogs you like managing your linklist can be a headache. It’s one thing to subscribe through an […]

Make the Most Out of Post Series – Dos

So you want to keep your readers coming back for more, do you? There are many ways by which you can achieve this result but for now, we are focusing on creating post series so that you can induce your readers to continue following the series and thus, keep checking your blog. Here are some […]

Check Google Analytics and Feedburner Reports on your WordPress Blog

I’m addicted to checking my Google Analytics Stats and My Feedburner Reports and I mean really addicted I check it whenever I have free time just to see If I made any difference. I know It’s time consuming but with this Plugin you can actually do it with ease. I want a quicker way to […]

Domain Name: A Small Investment with Big Rewards

Thanks to weblog services such as WordPress and Blogger, blogging has become so easy and popular. With the improvements in weblog services even first time bloggers that know nothing of HTML can set up their own blogs in a few minutes and put up their first post. Customization is also no problem since the services […]