The Value Of Stat Tracking

After over a month’s worth of SEO-goodness brought to you by the able writers of Blog Tutorials, you’ve probably enjoyed a considerable benefit of increased hits, incoming links and blog revenue from sponsored advertisements. Since it’s always better to give a current endeavor your best shot instead of being half-hearted with things, it will be to your advantage if you couple your impeccable SEO strategy with an equally competent stat tracking program.

There’s a multitude of stat tracking services, plugins and programs that are available over the internet. Some of them would require you to upload a php file to your root directory while some would track your statistics with embedded code that you add at the end of your footer.php file (or basically anywhere on your page).

What is the value of stat tracking? 

Well, aside from the ego boost that hundreds of daily unique hits give a blogger, it can also gauge the amount of success that you’ve been getting through the search engines that you’re trying to redirect to your site. The ratio of the incoming hits from search engine results pages compared to those coming from other websites will give you an idea on how to better streamline and customize your SEO strategy.

For future articles, I will be reviewing various websites and applications that allow you to track your statistics – from the no-frills to the totally loaded.

Originally posted on June 14, 2007 @ 9:18 am