Talking on Beta

I’m having fun tweaking my blog in Blogger Beta, but then I wondered if they have the same features offered over at other blogging services. Two things I wanted were keeping track of comments being posted on my blog and also of any posts that link back to mine. Lucky for me, all of the […]

On Comments: To moderate or to not moderate?

a glimpse into how comments are moderated When you have a blog and you have the comments function on, or open for that matter, it cannot be helped that sometimes you get spam or insulting comments from different visitors, most of them you probably don’t even know. Some might even be personal insults or a […]

Commenting on other blogs

There is that saying “No man is an island” and it seems to apply to blogs. A blog could not live on its own. Well, maybe it could, in a way but for how long? That remains to be seen. This is the day and age of conversations and a lot of it is being […]