Blog within Your Comfort Zone

Many people take up blogging for a purpose. People blog to share insights, talk about issues and topics and about things where they are good at. However, today people have seen blogging more than just pure freedom of speech. It has become a weapon to make assaults towards issues as well, something that has triggered governing bodies to step in and put a control to such.

Comfort Zone Blogging

There are limitations to blogging. One of them is to watch whom you would bump off or attack. Sincerity and respect should still be in line although most on the offensive people would simply care less. Issues are delicate thing today to tackle. If a person is not careful, he may just be successful in getting the ire of people whom they do not even know.

For what it is worth, people can blog within their boundaries but should be careful as well. It is not a matter of plain statement of facts. It is also about observing the proper laurels of maturity and rationality.

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Originally posted on April 20, 2007 @ 6:06 pm