Blog Safely and Generally

While blogging offers people the freedom to express what they feel, it would be best to keep them as broad as possible. Reason behind this is to avoid any libel problems that may come their way from making gestures focused on one area. People or groups who may be cited at one point or another […]

Code of Conduct in Blogging

  It is apparent that not all blogger know how to show respect for other bloggers on the web. While many people tend to either abuse or just plainly disregard what the purpose of blogs are, many have taken it too far.  Death threats through posts are only normal but one has to wonder if […]

Rookie Bloggers Can Pull Off Suprises

For people who are getting their first taste of actual blogging, a lot would be surprised at their production, even perhaps the rookie blogger himself. Blogging is not a sophisticated job but rather easy as saying “Hello”. A new term for freestyle writing today, blogging has enticed a lot of people to take it up, […]

Being a Blogger by Example

Newbie bloggers do not always have to worry about having to learn from the probloggers today. For one thing, new bloggers are the torch bearers to which future bloggers will make a benchmark. Hence, a blogger is not expected to become a pro overnight. Just like the probloggers today, they too will have to toil […]

Distinguishing the Difference between Repetition and Keyword Use

If there is one thing that bloggers must watch out for is that of avoiding being put under the category of being a spam blogger. Spam bloggers are people tagged with simply using words as often as they wish without making any sense at all. These repeated words are obviously considered the keywords to which […]

Learning from Blog Comments and Interaction

Blogging is not mainly a one way stream of blurting out the things that go around in the mind of a person. It is also about inheriting various insights and ideas from another person’s point of view that may or may not share the same belief on certain areas for consideration. Again, most blogs rely […]