Distinguishing the Difference between Repetition and Keyword Use

If there is one thing that bloggers must watch out for is that of avoiding being put under the category of being a spam blogger. Spam bloggers are people tagged with simply using words as often as they wish without making any sense at all. These repeated words are obviously considered the keywords to which an entry is expected to market.


While one aspect may be accomplished, that of which is to focus on keyword use, another area is suffering, that of which is overall content. Between the two, content is of course the better need of people who seek for reference on the Internet. Such references are needed to aid and act as points for consideration, especially for people in dire need of information that is not easy to find.

The insights are valuable to people seeking enhanced knowledge on certain subject matters. It is plainly a matter of making them optimized through proper but not excessive use of information available in search queries on the web.

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Originally posted on February 17, 2007 @ 4:40 pm