The CAPTCHA has been pwnd!

So, you think CAPTCHAs would cut your spam comments in half? Well, think again. Just a little over a year after Google let loose audio CAPTCHAs (the most common implementation of which is an accessibility icon next to visual, or image CAPTCHA, that play a recording of a series of numbers and/or letters, dumbed down […]

Live blogging, or boot-legging?

From Digg: Courier-Journal field reporter Brian Bennett was kicked out of the stadium in the middle of an NCAA baseball super-regional (the fifth inning, to be exact) for live blogging last Sunday (GMT-4? I’m bad at time zones. Use this instead and look for “America/Louisville”) the high-energy match between University of Lousville and Oklahoma State, […]

Template Designers Get Ready: Safari 3 for Windows is coming

Talk about getting your head in the game. As if testing on two browsers is not enough (or three, for Opera, so stop writing that email now! I get flamed enough already, thank you), Apple sets loose its flagship browser onto Windows machines in WWDC07 in an effort to what can be interpreted as a […]

MovableType 4 Beta Released and Goes Open Source!

SixApart has just announced the release of MovableType 4 Beta. Many have known MT as the definitive blogging software that has forever changed the way people blog. Beyond WordPress Those who are well-versed with the history of blogging will know that the boom did not start with WordPress. The first wave came with MovableType. Few […]

Blog Safely and Generally

While blogging offers people the freedom to express what they feel, it would be best to keep them as broad as possible. Reason behind this is to avoid any libel problems that may come their way from making gestures focused on one area. People or groups who may be cited at one point or another […]

Code of Conduct in Blogging

  It is apparent that not all blogger know how to show respect for other bloggers on the web. While many people tend to either abuse or just plainly disregard what the purpose of blogs are, many have taken it too far.  Death threats through posts are only normal but one has to wonder if […]