Blogging with Dedication to Genre

For newbie bloggers, it is best to lay focus first on one blog site before entertaining thoughts of putting up other site of another subject matter. Such an occurrence in the mind of any person would only be normal but chances are, the first blog would be left behind. Developing and building the first blog site is important since mastering one topic of interest is important to be able to expound and inherit from its various entries.

Blogger Dedication

While there are people who can do multi-tasking, taking on more than one blog at once, the problem of focus and sensible content may have one or both suffering from such. Some people are talented in focusing on multiple subject matters but for a new blogger, it is best to develop and discover him in one area of interest before moving on and doing the same in other blog sites he is planning to put up and cater to.

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Originally posted on February 5, 2007 @ 4:43 pm