On Making Citations from Borrowed Phrases and Words

Most of the ideas that bloggers would use to be able to create essential and sensible blog entries would originate from a past or present article/post. It maybe even something that was mentioned by word of mouth. Information or expounding on certain topics ideally originate from these things and thus due recognition and citations to the people who are responsible for such would eventually lead and inspire a person to use them as a topic for their next blog entry.

Reference or Glossary Terms

Placing citations or links towards read articles are not violations of anything, but are actually encouraged. This is a sign of giving due credit and respect to the people to where the essence of the content actually originated. Placing simple hyperlinks to website URLS or through simple block quotes are enough to use as citations for people who are not adept in HTML formatting and codes.

Eventually, this practice may return to the blogger himself since the information gathered may be used om the future by another blogger/writer. Citations and notations will no doubt become a regular practice for giving people the credit that they deserve in the future as a sign of respect and give credit where credit is due. Hence it is better to start now and lead by example to novice bloggers who are also on the rise towards eventual problogging.

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Originally posted on January 10, 2007 @ 1:54 pm