Blogger (without the beta)


The beta has been removed from Blogger, and it’s finally feature-complete. That means that not only are the interfaces available in a few other languages (French, Italian, German and Spanish so far), it also means the long-awaited ftp support is finally here. Also all new accounts are not created in Blogger beta. New bloggers can still choose to create their accounts on the old Blogger if they’re joining a team blog or if they’re using a language that hasn’t been added to the new version yet.

Bloggers can now use FTP to publish their beta blogs in the domain of their choice. This feature was part of Blogger’s older version, and it was one of the reasons why longtime users didn’t switch to beta immediately. A word of caution has been issued though: it has been thoroughly tested in several hosting services, but in case you encounter any problems, look if they support SFTP, which is more secure than regular FTP. In related news, the option to switch old blogger accounts to beta is available. Check the dashboard for it.

Sadly, Audioblogger has stopped receiving mobile posts sionce the first of the month, because Odeo, Inc., a small startup company in San Francisco, decided to concentrate its resources on its own site. Any audio posts you have will still be saved, but if you want to keep on posting this way you’ll have to look for other options like Gabcast. Right now the only thing I’m waiting for is a trackback link to my posts. That’s the only thing that’ll make my Blogger experience complete.

Originally posted on November 30, 2006 @ 10:55 am