WHEN Writing and AFTER Writing

Now that we’ve discussed about writing from my previous post Just write it! anything that comes into mind, now here are the do’s and don’t when writing and after writing.

Avoid These WHEN Writing
– Spell check: Ignore the red-underlined words.
– Dictionary / Thesaurus: Resist yourself from always looking for a “better” word.
– Sentence Structure: Never mind if it doesn’t really make sense or if it’s run-on.
– Google / other search engines: Don’t stop with the goal of “adding more stuff” to what you are writing. You’ll end up digressing and eventually, procrastinating.
– Looking back: Write until all else is pretty much exhausted from you.
Imperatives AFTER writing
– Do all those listed above.
– Always, always separate editing from writing.
– Never ever interrupt the momentum of your creativity.

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Originally posted on February 15, 2008 @ 10:00 am