First Impression is a Good Thing

Remember the catchphrase, “First Impressions Last, What happens next is up to you.” well we can use it in everything that we do, even use it in our blogs, and use it to our advantage. First Impressions can either make you or break you so better start our blog with a good first impression.

Use Color Combinations wisely, color that are very irritating to the eyes, may be limited to stating points. Usually colors red, yellow and orange are used for advertisements, use complimenting colors so as not to make a bad impression.

Pimp your Blog. Pimp out the First thing your Readers see, such as putting a logo or put a header image, to give your readers a view of your personality and the tone of the blog.

Start A World War with your Post. The best part of your blog should right from the start, put the climax at the start of the post, not at the middle. And Also be straight-forward in your Headlines, keeping it simple yet catchy, still getting the attention of your readers.

Make Good use of Clean, Simple Fonts For readability and to help readers stay hooked and reading your posts, fonts that are normal sets the flow of the readers eyes, help them to focus the readers attention to reading your post and not admiring your fonts.

Originally posted on October 4, 2007 @ 11:50 am