Is Creative Writing Appropriate For Blogs?

I came across an idea on Daily Blog Tips about creative writing for blogs. It reads:

What does creative writing has to do with blogging? Well, for one thing all bloggers need to be able to write efficiently, and to be able to express and raise emotions from time to time. That is, they need to go beyond the mere facts once in a while (or more often than that depending on your niche).

This raised the question “Is creative writing really needed for blogs?” in my mind. If we were to base everything on that snippet above, then the answer would be yes. Indeed, bloggers should be able to appeal to the emotions of their readers from time to time. Even blogs that are mainly informative in nature would benefit from appealing to emotions every now and then. Think about it, news articles on news web sites are purely informational. If readers were only looking for information (without any bias), then they should just go to the major news web sites. Why, then, do people prefer to frequent blogs? The answer is plain and simple – they want more than an unbiased presentation. More often than not, they are looking for an opinion that would either support or debunk an idea or a topic. They go to blogs because they want to know the facts AND discover what other people think as well. The next time you write a blog entry, try to bear this in mind. Try not to be too bland or too safe. Don’t be afraid to play around with words and express your stand. In the next post, let’s look at some ways you can get started on creative writing.

Originally posted on May 6, 2008 @ 2:34 pm