Shoutboxes, comment forms, contact forms on your blog

a typical shoutbox Do you enjoy talking with people a lot? That might be one of the reasons you enjoy blogging. After all, you get all sorts of people from different backgrounds and countries talking with you. It facilitates an exhange of thoughts online. How would you like your comments to appear on your blog? […]

WordPress themes: A gentle introduction

If you are a WordPress user, you could definitely have a lot of fun playing around with the themes so you could change the way it looks. If you haven’t tried it, let me tell you some things about it. Changing WordPress themes If you have a account, you can choose from the different […]

Choosing images for your blog

You are your blog. Sounds like a weird statement? Maybe it is. But if you think about it really hard, your blog reflects who you are, or a facet of your personality or your organization. From your layout, to the icons on your blog, to your avatars (if you have decided to use them), to […]