Encourage your Readers to Comment

I like reading Jimmy’s Post on Hungry for Comments, I am also addicted to reading comments may it be good or bad left by my readers. It gives me a mushy feeling that I stirred up their emotions in some weird way.

Tips to keep Readers Glued by encouraging them to comment… in other words Dudes, Join the Party!

When posting an article, I always think of my readers… will this post benefit them, will they comment or will they just read the post and bookmark it, well being bookmark is a good thing, but getting comments and being bookmarked is better. Here are some tips to keep your readers glued to your blog.

Encourage them to comment, may it be a bad or a good comment, it doesn’t matter as long as they have something to say. Comments contains tons of useful information, and on the plus side makes your blog look cool and important if you have lots of readers commenting on your posts.

Answer your readers comments, thank them for responding and treat them like royalty, because they are in fact your loyal followers.

Use Plug-ins that enables, or entices users to comment such as plug-ins that allow commenting to comments, Subscribe to comments and such

Any more bright ideas, folks? Tell me and I’ll gladly update my list.

Originally posted on October 5, 2007 @ 3:17 pm