Are You Blogging Too Frequently? Part II

Last time I gave two things that will indicate that you may be blogging too frequently: if you are flooding your subscribers’ feeds and if you keep rehashing old topics. Here are two more things that could mean that you might be overdoing it in terms of blogging frequency. 3. You Find your writing quality going down – If you reread your old posts and compare them to new ones and find that even you are less satisfied with the new ones then you could be writing too frequently. Remember it’s better to come up with less posts as long as they are of better quality than a lot of posts that are not substantial at all. 4. You are feeling burnout – If you just don’t feel like writing anymore at all it could be because you pushed yourself too much for too long. Of course it might be because of other personal reasons, but whatever the reason make sure you give yourself a break. If its going to be longer than several days you might want to get a guest writer to write a post or two for you. Get back when you’re ready and this time make sure you pace yourself properly so you don’t get burnout again. Again, remember, too little is not good, but so is too much. So blog when you can and only when you have something to say. Don’t blog just for the sake of putting something up because it won’t really do your blog much good in the end. Quality over quantity!

Originally posted on April 23, 2010 @ 6:15 am