How a Blog Can Help If You’re an Interior Designer

 We often think of blogs as these things we read to learn about a particular topic. When it comes to practical application though, we tend to rely on videos and pictures. While videos and pictures certainly have their value, a blog can encompass so much more. There are many ways to use a blog, including in conjunction with other elements to make yourself more successful as an interior designer. 

Blogs allow for a more intimate connection with your audience and give the designer a way to communicate things that can’t be easily expressed in other forms. This can be a personal feeling towards design, tips and techniques, updates, and any other thing that may be of interest to the audience. The trouble many people have regardless of their field or niche is where to start. 

Figure Out Your Goals 

Every blog should be useful, but it should also have a purpose. If you’re starting a blog just to get your name out there, then you may find you’re spending a lot of time trying to generate content that gets you recognized. 

Instead, it’s better to have a plan for what you want to do with your blog before you even start. This way you can brainstorm topic ideas, create lists, and find additional sources to back up your posts. You may even consider trying to partner with other sites so that you lend some credibility to your blog. This will make it much more valuable to your readers than just a blank canvas where you say whatever pops into your head. 

Starting a Blog: First Steps 

The very first thing to remember about a blog is that it should always add value to your reader’s visit. You can start by including a link to relevant sources for the topic. If you’ve never actually written or posted a blog before, then it might be a good idea to find some tips on how to build your blog

If you’re starting out it helps to think small in the beginning. Focus on your specific design style and building a reader base. Through the use of your blog, you can build a reputation and authority in the space. This can lead to more opportunities and customers if that’s what you’re in the market for. Once you find your specific place in the space, you can begin to search out ways to monetize the blog to bolster your income or turn it into a side business.  

What to Talk About 

The beauty of a blog is that its long-form content. This means you have space to really dive into a particular issue and give readers your honest opinions and suggestions. You can even use your blog as a Q&A board for readers. This way you’re not constantly searching for new topics for your blog but answering questions instead. 

You can even use the blog as an opportunity to introduce customers to products or new ideas before you put them into practice in your business. If it’s just a space for you to share, it’s a good way to get honest feedback on design decisions so that you always stay fresh. 

You can also turn your blog into something of a solutions manual or how-to guide for certain situations. Many people don’t have the time or patience to watch an entire video, but they can read much more quickly. 

That’s it. The basics of how a blog can help an interior designer be more successful. Hopefully, this has provided some inspiration for your own blog. 

Originally posted on September 14, 2021 @ 10:56 am