5 Easy Ways To Beef Up Your Blog

Anyone with access to a computer can write a blog these days. On a basic level, it’s even free, as text and images really don’t take up a lot of space, so free hosting on a general level isn’t even a problem anymore. However, if you want to increase the quality of said blog, there are a number of ways to inject some quality naturally without having to do too much extra work. Five of the easiest ways to do this include adding powerful stock photos, tightening down your writing and word count, including appropriate links, writing better headlines, and using modular and responsive formatting when possible. busines sample

Add Powerful Stock Photos

When it comes to having a great blog, images are going to be a huge driving force. But, not everyone has access to great imaging equipment or software, and not everyone has access to custom powerful images to go with their writing. That’s where looking into stock photography comes into play. And the most powerfully the images connect with what you’re writing, the more powerfully people’s emotions are going to connect with your blog in general.

Tighten Down Your Writing

And when it comes to quality, usually when you’re trying to capture people’s attention, you want to do some really hard editing to shorten and tighten your message. Any sort of extra words are just going to come across as fluff, and the first time that a reader gets bored or finds something unnecessarily, he or she will probably just pass on your blog for good. Be aware that length is not what readers are looking for – depth is.

Include Appropriate Links

Not enough or too many links is going to be a problem. Links that go to unrelated places are a problem. Links that have poor wording or don’t make sense are going to be a problem. So as a blogger, take the time necessary to understand good looking techniques and stick with them, both for the sake of your readers and for good SEO purposes.

Write Better Headlines

Headlines are going to be your bread and butter when it comes to getting appropriate attention to your blog topics, so writing better headlines needs to be a skill you’re constantly refining. Just please avoid anything associated with clickbait, as that will ensure that no reader ever returns.

Use Modular and Responsive Formatting

And you can have great content – both with respect to words and images, but if it looks like junk on a desktop screen or on a mobile device, then you need to rethink your publishing details. People are used to professional presentations, and if you can’t get the look right, it’s time to get that fixed.

Originally posted on March 13, 2016 @ 2:26 am