Blog Themes: Examining Your Capabilities and Motives

One of the main considerations when choosing your blog theme is your motive. If your motive for blogging is your own pleasure and don’t care whether your blog becomes popular or not, whether your blog earns you profit or not, and whether people will love what you write or not, then choosing a theme is not a problem. You can choose whatever theme you like or not even stick to anything at all and you will still have accomplished your goal – blogging and enjoying it. However, if you are conscious about the numbers or blogging for monetization purposes then the theme is of utmost importance. As I mentioned in my previous post if you aim for your blog to be among the top blogs in your chosen topic then it is usually wiser to stay away from the topics I listed in my previous post (i.e. politics, Apple, Google, gadgets, etc.). However, according to Randfish, you have a reasonable chance of success even if you do blog about those topics if…

    1. You are one of the best writers on the web.
    2. You have a point of view and voice that is more compelling than that of the others.
    3. You have a wealth of experience in that specific field that others can relate to.

Note that ALL these three should be present if you want your blog to be a “success”. But then again it all depends on how you look at success. If you really want to blog about very popular topics by all means do so, just don’t expect your blog to be as popular as that of Matt Cutts or the other A-list bloggers out there.

Originally posted on December 16, 2007 @ 11:12 am