Free Blog VS Paid Blog

Image: onlineresourceng A starting blogger’s experience will not be complete without facing the dilemma of choosing between a free blog and a paid blog. This isn’t actually much of a problem for those who approach blogging with certainty as to what they wish to achieve. For those who simply want to write with minimal regard for anything else, a free blog would work perfectly. However, for those who wish to monetize their blogs, a paid blog is the most recommended way to go. The main advantage of free blogs is that they are free; meaning that a blogger need not buy a domain or pay monthly hosting fees to make his blog operational. A free blog is very easy to put up and requires minimal knowledge. Being a mere sub domain, security issues, upgrades, and other related issues are handled by domains such as WordPress and Blogger. Another advantage is these domains have good page rankings which allow sub domain blogs to be indexed faster by search engines. The paid blog offers more control over the look of a blog and the website traffic. Advertisers tend to favor paid blogs over free blogs, thus paid blogs offer quite an advantage in this area. A paid blog offers maximized opportunities for bloggers to develop their own identity without being attached to a domain. Given the advantages of both options, there are likewise disadvantages for both. Free blogs are difficult to convert into business blogs because of the limitations. Sometimes, converting too late into paid blogs can severely affect blog statistics which have been rigorously worked for. Paid blogs have to be paid whether one earns from the blog or not. The cost would depend on the choice of platform and hosting services

Originally posted on December 1, 2012 @ 8:44 am