20 Best Free E-books To Leverage Your Blogging Skills

E-books constitute an unfathomable repository of knowledge and relevant information that are refined in composition and interesting to read. Hard bound books have moved out of fashion in this e-world and being a person whose prominent share of time gets spent on laptop, e-books are handy to read and manage. Free e-books offer enlightened exit from boredom for me. There are free collection of e-books is which can be reliable pastime whenever you drop out of mood to engage in content writing for your blogs, scouring for revolutionary ideas to critically upgrade your blog, or just venturing out to grab further opportunities for earning money online.

This leads you to come across really concrete and groundbreaking ideas for your blog development and through this inspirational outlet; get to earn more money. It is can be your firm conviction that mentors are necessary for majority of us to charter success, and for me this role is adequately addressed by E-books. If you aspire to climb the rungs of the ladder of success as a blogger, E-books are to be intimately invoked into act to optimize your blogging skills and endow you with practicable tips and techniques that will streamline your way towards breaking ground for a successful blog.

Keeping this noble goal in mind, I have brought together a list of free E-books for bloggers that encompasses the entire spectrum of blogging knowhow which will get you kick started in your venture of blogging. These books have done a lot of personal favor to me by elevating my technical expertise and I still browse though when time permits.

So, take an intent look at our compilation of 20 best free E-books to enhance your blogging career. You are most welcome to share with our readers through the comments section below; any other e-book that you may consider will prove useful to leverage our blogging skills.

1. Who’s There? By Seth Godin

This e-book is an erudite discourse about the factors that underpin development of an assertive blog which can essentially put the ideas across to visitors in ways that will impact them forcefully.

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2. Blog Profits Blueprint

The e-book is a self starter. You will get to learn the rudiments of bringing into origin an essentially powerful blog. The facts that are generally overlooked by zealous bloggers in their attempt to make quick profits have been vociferously underlined.

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3. Handbook For Bloggers And Cyber Dissidents

The e-book is vault of practical and focused tips to get a blog in place, adorn it with attention grabbing content and broadcasting it adequately. The e-book shares valuable tips to improve the search engine ranking for your blog.

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4. Everyone Is An Expert By Seth Godin

The e-book is an inspirational piece of knowledge for everyone who tends to seek more traffic to their blog. The e-book assumes that you possess rudimentary knowledge about blogging. It tends to hone your blogging skill by introducing you to the content rules that play prominently in keeping the viewer’s attention hooked to your blog.h

5. Unleashing the Idea Virus

The e-book is a powerful media to tap into the contagious information source and come out with equipped with effective communication tactics. The e-book tries to implant in our psyche the blogging success mantra which essentially glorifies the customer.

6. Social Web Analytics

The e-book is a gem from lucrative blogging perspective. The book introduces one to Social Web Analytics (SWA, also known as Social Media Analytics). The reader is acquainted with the drivers of SWA, its efficient application, and the prominent vendors and the services bailed out by them.

7. Geeks Guide to Promoting Yourself with Twitter

The e-book provides keen insight to utilize Twitter for optimum boosting of one’s profile and business. The e-book reveals the secret to confine your message within 140 characters and powerfully garner audience for your blog.

8. Get Viral Get Visitors

The e-book is a complete and thoroughly researched authority to drive hordes of traffic to your blog. The reader gets to untangle the mystery that shrouds viral marketing. The e-book bails out authoritative information about best ways to put viral marketing in action for your blog.

9. Five Times More Money by Dr Mani

Want to get paid profusely by blogging? Then, this e-book is a must read. The book explores effective ways to firmly establish your blog as a profit center. The book is build upon the vast experience in blogging of the author..

10. Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com

The e-book is a compilation of the entire gamut of posts that have been done by John Chow. The book focuses on driving in more traffic to one’s blog as enhanced traffic implies more money.

11. SEO for WordPress blogs

The e-book is intended for non technical bloggers who wish to capitalize on the power of WordPress. The e-book shares vital tips that will enhance your blog’s visibility. You will be able to score higher search engine rankings for your blog and experience a flood of organic traffic after going through the book.

12. Google Adwords Secret sale

An amazing and insightful e-book that seeks to unearth the well guarded blogging success mantra by Google. You will step by step be able to unlock the potential stored in Adwords without having to pay hefty price.

13. Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

The e-book is a definitive means to polish your SEO skills. The reader will be benefitted by getting to the bottom of SEO which they can effectively implement to channelize more organic traffic to their blogs. The e-book seeks to get your site effectively optimized to figure on top of search engine results.

14. The Art of Alpha Female Blogging

The e-book is an authoritative work of Halley Suitt, an established blogger. It shares the author’s unique perspective about effective blogging. The e-book is essentially an essay about weblogs, the new generation of web based journals and tips to write them effectively. A literary masterpiece, the book is sure to get you started on effective blogging.

15. 12 Step Business Blogging

As the name suggests, the e-book is a step by step guide to propel you on the path of creating a powerful blog. The concomitant exercises are effective aids to planning, setting up and creating content for your blog.

16. BlogBash: Deep Secrets of Successful Blogging

The e-book deals with an array of wide ranging topics that will make you a successful blogger. You will get to learn from the mistakes and experiences of 30 expert bloggers whose ideas have converged in this e-book.

17. The Corporate Weblog Manifesto

The e-book is an authoritative work of blog guru Robert Scoble. It seeks to further enhance the efficacious approach of business blogging. The book makes business bloggers aware of the potential pitfalls and ushers to opportunity tapping strategies.

18. What is Social Media

The e-book is an unashamedly straightforward work, intended to give you a brief overview of the various aspects of social media that includes blogging. It is basically an introduction to the media and ways to effectively tap the latent power in them to make more money.

19. Dive Into Web 2.0

The e-book attempts to bring everything pertaining to blogging and online social media to you well arranged in a platter. It is a straightforward and informative take on the power hidden in social media.

20. The Zen of Blogging

The name of e-book is suggestive of the content lying within it. It is a step by step guided tour to explore the ways to set up and plan a blog, and then put it to optimum advantage for you.

Guest blog post by Tim Ferrin, who is an expert in IT Staffing, temp recruitment and job research. Tim helps businesses find experts through Twitter and Facebook.

Originally posted on October 22, 2011 @ 7:16 pm