Targeting your Niche Market: Importance of Specialized Keywords

Targeting specific keywords in order to get more traffic from search engines is what SEO is mostly about. The question is and has always been which keywords to concentrate on. In the past, and even now, SEO experts focus on more generic keywords like travel, watches, pet care, etc. While these keywords are important, since they embody the entire theme of specific websites/pages, the problem is that the steep competition for these terms make it almost impossible to beat older and bigger websites, especially since they too do not neglect the SEO side of their website design. Because of this it is very important that you also focus on more specialized keywords that will target your niche market. Instead of going for frequently searched but highly competitive terms find the keywords that may not be that popular as a search term and at the same time is not too competitive with regards to the number of other websites focusing on those keywords.

As an example instead of simply focusing on the keyword PET CARE you should also include more specific terms for each pet your website has information on like: IGUANA FOOD, IGUANA PETS, IGUANA CAGE, etc. Of course you can include even more specific terms such as the species of IGUANA or whatever animal your website is all about. For example instead of just DOG FOOD aim to place well on terms like LABRADOR FOOD, POODLE FOOD, etc. You might be surprised at the amount of traffic such terms will bring you.

Originally posted on September 5, 2007 @ 9:43 am