Tips for Creating a Standout Fashion Blog

Many young ladies today are conscious of their fashion style. Those who are socially aware of the fashion trends often make an effort to dress up according to what’s in style. Some even share tips with friends to help them pick the right clothes and where to find them.

Unfortunately, not all young fashionistas are gifted with excellent writing skills that would enable them to create a fashion blog which many teens and young ladies are doing today. But take heart because even if you’re not a good writer, you still have an opportunity to make your own personal styling blog. You’re free to do that on the web and there are no strict rules to follow. It’s all about being imaginative and creative in the approach you take particularly on the layout design and theme of your own fashion blog.

fashion blog template

On the other hand, those passionate about fashion, blogging and looking for extra income can also become freelance writers. Check out trusted jobs sites which offer fashion blogger jobs and who knows, you might just spot one or two business owners or lifestyle publications in need of a writer or contributor for their website or magazine.

Choose a Theme and Name

Make it a priority to choose a specific theme for your blog and your target audience. Will it be about general fashion for teens or adult women or for both men and women? Are you going to share tips or is it going to be about your personal style?

Once you have decided on your theme, the next step is to create a name for your blog. Make sure it is easy to recall and has a hint about fashion. Keep the name interesting and short. You can research on a list of names first on the internet to ensure there’s no duplicate. If you’re creating a blog with a partner or some friends, brainstorm first on the names you have come up with.

Use Crisp and Clear Photos

Photos are powerful and they alone can already send a message to people. As such, you need to include large and top quality photos on your blog to capture the attention of your readers.

With photos, you can use them in different ways on your blog. You can post them as a slideshow in a large banner style at the top of the page and you can also create a gallery for them. If you prefer to create a gallery, it has to be a separate web page but with a section on your home page displaying a box of thumbnail photos.

Write Short Posts

With fashion blogs, you don’t have to write long posts. For example, you can simply post a large photo featuring clothes and accessories and then provide tips on how to mix and match them for certain occasions. Or if you’re featuring a model, you can describe what the person is wearing.

You can also share personal stories about how you create your own fashion style and recommend places which offer great bargains on clothes and accessories.

Originally posted on July 24, 2015 @ 1:10 pm