Blog Only When You Have Something to Say

Image: worldviewediting

There is a growing disbelief in the thinking that frequent blog posting assures blog success.  Taking a cue from the early blog successes that actively promoted multiple blog postings in a day, many who came after followed suit with most settling at daily posting similar to a diary.  The industry is now calling out for some restraint among bloggers in the posting frequency, asking them in no simple terms to blog only when they have something to say.

Frequent postings have admittedly been part of the reason why some blogs became successful.  With the tremendous load of blog information however that continue to increase as the number of blogs increase by the minute, bloggers beating each other by the sheer number of posts have become passé.  Bloggers are again being referred to the basics which primarily emphasize quality over quantity.

The pressure of frequent posting has contributed to the lowered standards of most bloggers who started out with the best intentions.  Most credible writers suffer in performance when forced to become article mills.  Others may succumb to copying or spinning works of other writers just to cope.

Industry experts now tend to caution new bloggers from adding to the deluge of mediocre content and advise them to aim for contents that are new, innovative, and thought- provoking.  In the same breathe, new bloggers are advised to stay away from tired topics unless they have something new to add to it.  Favoring less posts per month is seen as a positive move towards encouraging “experts’ in their respective fields to share their knowledge through blogging.  These experts who usually lead busy lives have been highly discouraged by the thought of daily postings which their schedules won’t permit.

Originally posted on December 31, 2012 @ 10:14 am