Setting the Right Attitude when Writing

When writing articles what should be the right tone for you? How do you write your articles? What are you doing when your writing articles?

Basically, these sets of question cannot be answered by answered by me, but I can give you pointers.

Find Your Focus

Finding your focus or groove, is a very essential part in writing because it helps you get the flow of fresh new ideas that can help you writing great articles. Finding your groove dictates the flow of your writing, and makes the job easier and enjoyable.
Look for the right time to make articles, whether it’s in the morning or late in the evening, also if you are easily distracted it’s better you do your writing on your own personal space (in a room, den, balcony) where there is less distraction from other sources.

Look for the right time to make articles
The right to write is the time you are very fresh and not stressed out. Emotions can sometimes get in the way of our flow and train of thought. Usually I write articles in the morning after I’ve downed 10 cups of coffee, then after 5 hours I stop writing, then proceed to other activities (such playing video games the whole afternoon) then write articles again at about 9pm, 3 hours before I sleep.

Distractions and Concentration
When writing articles, there is a factor to consider, as distractions increase your concentration decreases so you can turn off or keep away from distractions, such as watching TV, your Instant Messenger, your Mobile phone, the type of music you listen to.
I, on the hand work best if my surroundings are chaotic like a rock concert is being held on my “danger room”, my instant messenger is always online, my mobile phone rings constanly like a radio station’s hotline, I leave the TV on and listen to rock, punk, reggae, ska music to get my groove and increase my productivity.

The Right Attitude can make or break you, so find a groove that works best with your writing style.

Originally posted on October 25, 2007 @ 4:51 am