4 Ways To Make Money From Blogging

When it comes to making money off of a blog there are plenty of people that do it every day. All it takes is creating a concept and an execution which speak to a wide variety of people and get them coming back for more. Making a blog which creates a buzz is the best way to ensure that you have a following which gives you the potential to make big bucks. It’s all about how you manage your blog.

Some bloggers are so successful with their blog that they have been able to depend on the income generated from it to be able to live entirely off of their earnings. Want to know how you can make this possible for yourself? Here are the ways you can make money off your blog and how to get started.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Setting up pay per click advertising is how many bloggers make the most money. What it involves is enabling an advertisement banner on your blog page. Each time that a visitor clicks on one of these advertisements from your website you are paid from the advertising site.

When your blog has a large amount of traffic this can start to quickly add up. Some blogs make thousands a day on these pay per click advertisements alone. A quick web search will educate you on how to get started and find advertisers interested in your page.


Promoting products and services on your blog is a way to make money from businesses who want to use your blog’s popularity to get their product more widespread attention.

Often these clients will come to you to ask if you might be interested while other times it will be you going after potential clients to see if they’d like to use your page. If you can do several of these a week in addition to other money generating methods, the money will easily start producing itself.

Sell Your Products On Your Blog

If you have a business, or things that you are selling your blog can be a great platform to get it seen and heard. Why not plug it into your blog post somehow or create a banner alongside your archives advertising how to purchase it.

What better opportunity to get your business off the ground than with the following that you have on your blog since you’re in charge of it,

Get A Job With a Large-Scale Blog

If you want to make money from writing but don’t want to have to hassle with the administrative aspects or be in charge of keeping it running, then being a contributor for a major publication could be a great opportunity for you.

This way you can still make money from writing but don’t have to have the pressure of being in charge on your shoulders.

Originally posted on November 20, 2017 @ 1:38 pm