Blog to Express Yourself, Not to Impress Readers

The notion that most start-up bloggers put into their minds is that they are out to make good impressions on potential readers and visitors of their blog sites. This is a wrong approach toward blogging since this will certainly lead to poorly composed blogs which may eventually not make any sense.

Misconceptions about content

The smooth transition of the content is what will be critical in producing juicy blog content and one unrelated phrase or sentence transition will affect the whole blog entry and lose its meant essence to readers. Impressing people with the use of words with deep meanings is not always impressive. Rather, people tend to lose the actual intention of the author.

The best way to have a message effectively reach its readers is through pure content in the simplest form and explanation possible. Self-expression and delivering the necessary means through effective writing and blogging is the easiest way that people tend to make complicated, a useless blog entry of which is usually the case. It is best to keep these blog entries simple yet smart without much effort needed.

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Originally posted on January 6, 2007 @ 9:35 am