Blog writing tip: Do some exercises!


Need to get into the groove of blogging? Get some exercises!

Writing prompts.
Do you have a set of Icebreaker cards? Time to bring them out and randomly answer them on your blog. At least you have several questions to choose from. If you are not comfortable with disclosing very personal information about you, start with the more general ones.

Your lists.
Some people like talking about the lists they have in their lives. You could probably do a daily list discussion. Like your to-do lists. Or you could even try making your own version of weekly top ten. Maybe something like every Saturday, you could have your top ten greatest moments of the week. Or maybe your most embarrassing ones. Or the really amusing ones. Or maybe even the geeky moments! It is all up to you.

Quiz day.
There are quizzes all over the Internet. If you want to share something about your personality, you could probably try taking a quiz then post your comments about it. In a way, that would be revealing something about yourself and the way you write. And you don’t have to write long comments. Maybe just short statements that let your readers know why you agree or disagree with those things.

Maybe stuff about you watch on tv. It could also be about the news you heard the moment you switched on the radio. It would be good to let others know your perspective on the matter. If you have a camera with you all the time, you could even post pictures and just say a thing or two about each of them.

These are some suggestions as to how you could get into blogging. Hopefully, you’d be more comfortable as time goes by.


Originally posted on December 9, 2006 @ 3:34 am