Choosing images for your blog


You are your blog.

Sounds like a weird statement? Maybe it is. But if you think about it really hard, your blog reflects who you are, or a facet of your personality or your organization. From your layout, to the icons on your blog, to your avatars (if you have decided to use them), to your blog entries, the images you use matter.

There has already been an entry here talking about why you should use images on your blog. This entry will focus on how to choose and search for images you could use.

Images for your layout

A blog usually has a header image, a sidebar or maybe two sidebars. It depends on you. Ask yourself what you want your blog to convey about you. (Especially if you are making everything by yourself.) Colors matter too. But sometimes it is the header image or the overall combination of images on your blog that could make it or break the layout’s appeal.

If you want to put a header image, make sure that it would jive with the blog title. Or something that is related to the topic of your blog. (The title and theme usually are very well-related.) If you are writing about food, what kind of food is the focus of your blog? Are you going to talk about the process of cooking or are you going to do more of food reviews? Or maybe a little of both? It might be good to have a picture of a kitchen or maybe a toque on the header image if it will be more like your recipe blog.

Images for your blog entries

Blog entries should have pictures that are appropriate. As has been said before, sometimes you could use graphs, diagrams and other images to enhance the visual appeal of each entry you write.

Sometimes pictures of places you actually visited or events you went to would be awesome. If you are writing about a specific topic and it is not an event you went to or food you tasted, maybe a quick online search will help then.

Originally posted on June 25, 2006 @ 10:17 pm