Creating user pictures for your blog

cameraThere is a person behind every blog. You might be a student who likes talking about computers or a pet owner who likes raving about your dog. These things are reflected on your blog. Sometimes, people get curious as to what you look like and if they already saw you on the street.

Not everyone likes being candid and personal on their blogs. Maybe it’s because some people who blog are supposed to be blogging in secret. It could be because they have some things they would like to expose and they have probably been going undercover or something.

Looking for a nice picture to use — a challenge
This is actually tough. It depends on your personal situation, you see. If you are someone who openly writes about things and you would like people to know who you really are and you would like to show your true personality in your picture, you could take a casual shot of yourself. Some people would put pictures of them at work, or at least with that kind of pose. This is especially for people who are mainly associated with a particular job. I have seen several gamers‘ blogs and they have images of the characters they use at play.

There are times when you probably think that maybe you shouldn’t put pictures which are too casual. Well, it really depends on you. You could probably evaluate your blogging style and the audience you intend to reach. I suppose that if you are a coffee lover you could use a picture of yourself with a cup of coffee. If you are a chef, you could probably take a picture of you wearing your uniform.

For those who are relatively uncomfortable with using actual images, some people also use caricatures that their friends made for them. That or they get a picture and their edit it using Photoshop. They try to make some fancy distortion of sorts but somehow giving a hint of who they are. Some people only post pictures of their profile, their hands or their eyes. Such images give a feeling of mystery even though you already have a hint as to who they really are.

Then again, there are blogs whose bloggers’ identities will remain a mystery. For all we know, there are more people behind some blogs that we would even think of.

If you haven’t posted a picture of yours for your About page or your sidebar’s mini profile, take the time to think about it. Maybe you could even get more readers when you post a picture 😉


Originally posted on December 15, 2006 @ 12:17 am