Simple Tips From The Experts


Want some advice from the most successful bloggers today? Read on and learn!

1. Write about something you are passionate about, or at least interests you. It could be your work (be cautious here though as more people are getting fired for inappropriate blogging on work), your daily life or even a hobby. Be unique. Be yourself. Be curious, and do think about the people you want to be reading your blog.

2. The key to remember is simplicity. Don’t try and be overly ambitious or even too serious. If readers find your blog difficult to read (or worse, with many spelling and/or grammatical errors), you can forget a return visit. Make the effort to use the right punctuation, and use your spell checker. Proofread your posts always, and err or the side of shorter, rather than long (and boring) posts.

3. Comment, link, comment, link….. Comment and link as much as possible to other blogs. People do appreciate it, and it means more traffic to your blog of course!

4. An attractive, well-organized blog will keep people interested and coming. Pay attention to how you organize your things (categories, links, archives etc ), and put yourself in the shoes of the reader. Is the navigation easy to understand? Is there a clean, good design? Messy, disorganized blogs are a recipe for disaster.

Have Fun!
5. Dont worry too much about traffic and the popularity stats of your blog. Have fun and enjoy what you are doing – thats what ultimately matters.

Originally posted on July 2, 2006 @ 1:35 pm