Making Money Through Consumer Generated Ads

As I mentioned in my previous post today I will be suggesting some ways you can still profit by joining programs such as Pay Per Post and yet ensure that your readers don’t get turned off. In my opinion the only way to really do this is by making sure that your blog entries stay the same quality (or improve in quality). This wouldn’t be possible if you start spamming your own blog by churning out consumer-generated ads post after post. So the first thing to remember is to post ads in moderation. The truth is that while many bloggers claim that they only write about a product they really like the pull of money is hard to resist and most bloggers find ways to keeping on mentioning products/services a bit too often. Readers can see through this and immediately get turned off. To make sure you only post ads in moderation I suggest that you…

  • ask a close friend/blogger (who won’t benefit from your blog) to be honest with you and tell you if you are going overboard (meaning your blog is turning spammy)
  • set a self-imposed limit on the amount of ads you will post in your blog – You can make limit this to once a week or once a day or 1 in every 4 posts.
  • create a new blog for this specific purpose – If you really want to post as much as you want then it would be better to create a new blog for this specific purpose

Originally posted on March 31, 2008 @ 8:58 am