Identify Your Target Market

Every blogger would like to have the power to reach all people regardless of geographical location, demographic factors, and market segmentation but they will soon find out that this cannot be done overnight.  In fact, there might not be a need to do everything when all efforts can be initially focused on a particular place, age group, or consumer behavior.  Rather than aiming for worldwide reach doomed for failure due to lack of resources and abilities, bloggers can produce so much more by identifying specific target markets which they can realistically work on.

It would be presumptuous to say that you as a blogger can provide users all the information they need in one website.  Dealing with so many subjects all at the same time can confuse readers as to what exactly is being offered by your site.  Uncertainty as to this aspect can discourage users from being loyal customers since they wouldn’t really know what to expect.

Once a website or a blog is able to identify a specific target market, the focus of actions will be placed on a few select segments suitable for the identified market.  When actions are programmed to respond to a particular area, there are more chances of finding a match between a user’s need and a site’s content.  Since market is defined as a broad collection of people who may have a common interest in something, sites and blogs are able to present themselves accordingly since user expectation is clear and definite.

The desire of blogs and sites to transcend visible market segmentation is natural but it makes sense to establish the fundamentals before embarking on loftier ambitions.  A blog or site that knows its market is grounded in reality and is therefore more able to address user requirements.  You would be surprised how many users openly express their appreciation when their requirements are met through sharing, recommending, and purchasing.

Originally posted on February 19, 2012 @ 2:52 am