Smart Link Practices

One of the most common mistakes bloggers make is using vague words as anchor text for links. Whether you are linking internally or linking to an outside source it is good practice to use a more descriptive anchor text. There are two reasons why this is is important. The first reason is that it is good for SEO. Search engines look at the anchor text to determine what the link on your page is about. By using a descriptive anchor text you provide information needed by the spiders to be able to put the link destination (URL) into context. In the end this will benefit the website or the blog you linked to more than your own blog (in terms of SEO) since more specific keywords will be attached to their URL. Eventhough this is the case if you are going to spread link love then you’d better spread it the smart way. are really interested in reading about the contents of the page linked to or not. Usability is much improved this way. To end let me give two ways in which I can link to a certain post here at BlogTutorials.

  • Read what Jimmy said here. Read Jimmy’s take on the importance of related post links. Read Jimmy’s take on the importance of related post links.
  • Obviously the first example is the worst linking practice. The second example is friendly enough for the readers but the third one is still the best because it also takes into account that the SEO aspect by using important keywords as part of the anchor text.

    Originally posted on November 26, 2007 @ 11:34 pm