Polls: a way to get reader feedback


Comments are nice because you get all sort of feedback. A lot of them are detailed ones even. But don’t you ever wonder if you could get suggestions of different kinds on your blog? Or just having people vote on it? Well, worry no more! There are plugins for making it possible, especially if you are on WordPress. There are a lot of nifty plugins. Here are two of them.

These are plugins that allow your readers to rate your blog and you could find out which one is your best entry. This is useful if you want to consider which entry of yours is well-written compared to the others. The rating system is via selecting the number of stars. And if you check it out, you could see how much the article/blog entry has been rated after you vote for it.


This easily allows you to create a poll in the admin area. You just have to give the options for the poll and you will have it already. You just have to make sure that you added that piece of code to the sidebar to activate it. If not and you are not sure where it goes, you could edit it in the admin area anyway. You will probably be able to make sure how it works by editing the sidebar.php file. After that you could already ask your readers what city they plan to visit in the future.

Adding these plugins can sure spruce up the way you and your readers interact! You will know things about them like what cars they like or which posts you wrote are great.


Originally posted on July 19, 2006 @ 12:03 am