Beating the Blog Rut

Bloggers are very familiar with the blog rut. There are days when you simply can’t think of anything to write. This is where Jimmy’s series of posts on Tips On Coming Up with Topics (I, II & III) comes in very useful. However, for themed blogs there are those days when there doesn’t seem to be any new news and rehashing old topics just doesn’t appeal to you. To get out of my blog rut I often do several things…

1. skip a day – If you write everyday then skipping just a day or two to relax isn’t such a bad idea. If you are uncomfortable about having no post then post an ON VACATION sign on your blog and tell your readers when you will be back.

2. blog off-theme – Instead of forcing yourself to blog about your chosen theme, blog about anything as long as it’s still appropriate. For example instead of blogging about politics or computer software give a short but humorous anecdote you found on the web.

3. link out – You can also come up with something more relevant by reading other blogs and then choosing the ones that most interest you. You can summarize the entries and then share some link love but if you are not in the mood to even just summarize you can simply link out to the blog entries. This way you will have something informative for your regular readers and at the same time be able to share some link love.

Originally posted on July 13, 2011 @ 11:56 pm