Suffering From Blogging Stress?

I have always believed that when you engage in an activity, you have to make sure that it is something that you at least like, if not really enjoy. When blogging started out many many years ago, I didn’t immediately jump into the bandwagon. I was not sure that I would like it, much less enjoy it. When I finally did try blogging, I realized that I derived pleasure from it and even used it as a therapy of sorts. When you have several blogs to maintain and you monetize all of them, however, it can be another story altogether. I would not be surprised if you suffered from blogging stress more often than you would want to. Here are two things that I can share with you: Outline. It’s just a word, but it can be a very powerful tool. Before I write anything, I always have an outline of what I am going to write. It does not have to be a formal outline. You don’t even have to write it on paper or on your screen (although that would be more organized). The idea is to have a point that you want to get across, know how to get that across, and have a clear idea is what I do: I set aside several minutes, maybe 5 to 10, and do something that relaxes me. I take a short walk, smoke a cigarette, or listen to some relaxing music. These are two simple things that can help you prevent blogging stress and deal with it as well. What are your secrets?

Originally posted on February 17, 2011 @ 4:21 pm